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Private Alman Jackson Remembers the War

The 51st North Carolina Receives a Shipment of Enfield Rifles

Colonel McKethan’s Dispatches at Charleston in July 1863

Feud Between Hector McKethan and William Allen, Part 3: The New Field Officers

Feud Between Hector McKethan and William Allen, Part 2: Allen Resigns

Feud Between Hector McKethan and William Allen, Part 1: Cantwell Resigns

The Curious Case of Lewis Smith

Petition to Appoint Colin Shaw as Chaplain

Example of a Confederate Pay Voucher

New Information from the Anchram Evans Letters

The John J. Wilson Letters: A Summary

Boys in Battle: the 51st Regiment’s 14-year-old soldiers

John Kelly’s Many Siblings: Kelly and his 19 step and half-siblings

Dr. James Wellons: 51st veteran and Four Oaks’ first doctor

Lt. Col. William Allen: a short bio

Swift Creek: what really happened on the night of May 9, 1864

The Big Fizzle: Beast Butler’s unique plan to blow up Fort Fisher

Wilmington’s Civil War Hospitals

Private William Brewer: reported killed twice but survived the war

The Turnips Were Not a Peace Offering: the regiment’s feud with Major R. S. Gage, brigade Quartermaster

The Order Was Given to Forward: a soldier’s account of the regiment’s activity in May 1864

Katherine Theodosia Cantwell: four women with the same name

The Surgeon vs. the General: Surgeon Morrisey and General Clingman exchange acrimonious letters

Private Joel P. Atwood: a brave boy and soldier

Miss Mary Ann Buie: one of North Carolina troops’ biggest benefactors

Mary Eliza Mincey: the last widow to draw a pension

Sergeant Samson Hawley: an account of Hawley’s death

Letter from Cold Harbor

Feuding Among the Officers: how Major McKethan assumed command of the 51st North Carolina

Introduction #1 and Introduction #2: how this website came to be

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