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Former soldiers from the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Guards designate Col. Cantwell as their attorney

Lt. Guy gets arrested for going to dinner while in charge of the guard detail at Wappoo Cut

Lt. Watson escapes punishment after being written up during an inspection of the guard detail at Wappoo Cut

Private Atwood’s arrest and subsequent release

How tall were the Fifty-First’s soldiers?

Daily Prayer at Camp Mangum

John G. Hall application for transfer to the Invalid Corps

Henry C Rockwell, letter concerning Private John G Hall

John G. Hall, letter from Cold Harbor

John G. Hall, letter from Drewry’s Bluff

If at First You Don’t Succeed…(Payton Mathis Tries to Get a Pension)

We Want Our Shoemaker Back!

Equipping and Clothing the New Recruits

A Requisition for One Week’s Food for the 51st North Carolina

Private Alman Jackson Remembers the War

The 51st North Carolina Receives a Shipment of Enfield Rifles

Colonel McKethan’s Dispatches at Charleston in July 1863

Feud Between Hector McKethan and William Allen, Part 3: The New Field Officers

Feud Between Hector McKethan and William Allen, Part 2: Allen Resigns

Feud Between Hector McKethan and William Allen, Part 1: Cantwell Resigns

The Curious Case of Lewis Smith

Petition to Appoint Colin Shaw as Chaplain

Example of a Confederate Pay Voucher

New Information from the Anchram Evans Letters

The John J. Wilson Letters: A Summary

Boys in Battle: the 51st Regiment’s 14-year-old soldiers

John Kelly’s Many Siblings: Kelly and his 19 step and half-siblings

Dr. James Wellons: 51st veteran and Four Oaks’ first doctor

Lt. Col. William Allen: a short bio

Swift Creek: what really happened on the night of May 9, 1864

The Big Fizzle: Beast Butler’s unique plan to blow up Fort Fisher

Wilmington’s Civil War Hospitals

Private William Brewer: reported killed twice but survived the war

The Turnips Were Not a Peace Offering: the regiment’s feud with Major R. S. Gage, brigade Quartermaster

The Order Was Given to Forward: a soldier’s account of the regiment’s activity in May 1864

Katherine Theodosia Cantwell: four women with the same name

The Surgeon vs. the General: Surgeon Morrisey and General Clingman exchange acrimonious letters

Private Joel P. Atwood: a brave boy and soldier

Miss Mary Ann Buie: one of North Carolina troops’ biggest benefactors

Mary Eliza Mincey: the last widow to draw a pension

Sergeant Samson Hawley: an account of Hawley’s death

Letter from Cold Harbor

Feuding Among the Officers: how Major McKethan assumed command of the 51st North Carolina

Introduction #1 and Introduction #2: how this website came to be

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