A Soldier Complains About Clothing

For most of the war, Confederate troops were poorly equipped with arms, food, and uniforms. North Carolina did a better job equipping its soldiers than the other southern states, but Tar Heel troops still lacked for many of the items they needed. New clothing was issued periodically, but by 1864, the quality of the uniforms was poor. One North Carolina soldier sent a complaint to the Statesville Express about the condition of the clothing:

“Our pants, jackets and under clothing invariably rip after a few weeks service into the original pieces. Then comes a little swearing and sweating, and a week’s darning and stitching, before we are fit to appear in public, unless we have lost all decency, and come out with a “flag of truce” flying in our rear. I would be glad if some of the women who do sewing for the soldiers would pay us a visit – I have not a doubt but that they would return with many good resolutions as well as with a pretty good knowledge of anatomy, and with the conviction that our clothing is wonderfully if not fearfully made.”

Wilmington Journal, 24 Mar. 1864

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