Miss Mary Ann Buie

Mary Ann Buie to General W. H. C Whiting

Miss Mary Ann Buie, the Soldier’s Friend, was a great supporter of the troops, especially those in hospitals. The note below, addressed to “General Whiting or any of his staff,” seeks permission to send aid to the soldiers in Petersburg. Click HERE for a short biography of M. A. Buie.

Maj. Hill              Sunday, July 31st [1864]

Pease grant me permission for Mrs. King to go on to Petersburg to nurse the sick and to carry a box of lemons and oranges to Gen. Beauregard, a present to him sent to me to send. They are rapidly wasting being quite ripe unless sent immediately will all waste. Respectfully __

         M A Buie

[From the North Carolina Archives, Private Collections, PC.551, W. P. Hall Collection]

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