A Confederate soldier standing barefoot, in tattered trousers, coatless and hatless, with an Enfield rifle on his shoulder, and his cartridge box full, was as brave a man as ever met any enemy on any field of battle in any country, or in any age.”

-Captain B. F. Dixon, 49th Regiment NCT

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9/24/2022: added additional information to the post about Lt. Colonel William Allen.

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Updated service records for Henry Baxley, Joseph Blanton, Calvin Britt, John Bullock, William Bullock, Samuel Clemons, Stephen Cobb, Daniel Faulk, Charles Floyd, Francis Floyd, Andrew Gimsley, Hates Jones, Isham Pitman, Solomon Prince, George Register, Richard Register, Samuel Register, Willis Taylor, Giles Williams, and Rowland Williams.

9/2/2022: Updated service record for Irvin Jones, William Nott and James Taylor.

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Trousers and socks worn by John J. Tew, Company K. On display at the Texas Civil War Museum in Ft. Worth.

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