51st North Carolina Timeline


April:  Regiment forms at Wilmington; elects officers on April 30

May – August:  At various camps in Wilmington vicinity

September 12:  Moves to Kinston

September 13 – November 16:  Picket duty; engages in several skirmishes near New Bern

October 19:  Colonel John Cantwell resigns; Lieutenant Colonel William Allen assumes command

November 17:  Returns to Wilmington

November 25:  Assigned to Clingman’s Brigade with 8th, 31st and 61st North Carolina Regiments

December 16:  Moves to Goldsboro by rail

December 17:  Battle of Goldsboro Bridge

December 28:  Departs Goldsboro, on foot, for Wilmington


January 2:  Arrives in Wilmington

January 7:  Lt. Colonel Allen, facing court martial, submits resignation

January 19:  Allen’s resignation is accepted; Major Hector McKethan assumes command

February 17:  Moves by rail to Charleston

March 4:  Moves by rail to Savannah

March 9:  Returns to Charleston; sets up camp on James Island

May 2:  Moves back to Wilmington by rail

May – June:  At various camps around Wilmington

July 4:  Skirmishes with Union cavalry near Warsaw

July 11:  Moves to Charleston by rail

July 12:  Transfers to Battery Wagner on Morris Island

July 18:  Union assault on Battery Wagner

July 19 – July 28:  On Sullivan’s Island

July 29 – August 3:  Garrisons Battery Wagner

August 3 – August 10:  On Sullivan’s Island

August 11–19:  Garrisons Battery Wagner

August 19 – September 24:  On Sullivan’s Island

September 25 – November 1:  On Long Island

November 2 – November 28:  On Sullivan’s Island

November 29:  Moves by rail to Hamilton, NC

December 19:  Moves to Tarboro


January 6:  Moves by rail to Camp Hill, near Petersburg

January 29:  Moves to Kinston by rail; marches toward New Bern

February 1:  Skirmishes at Batchelder’s Creek

February 8:  Returns to Camp Hill at Petersburg

May 1-6:  Moves by train to Ivor Station; skirmishes near Portsmouth

May 7:  Returns to Petersburg; takes up position along Swift Creek

May 9:  Skirmishes near Swift Creek

May 11:  Moves to Drewry’s Bluff

May 13-15:  Skirmishes near Drewry’s Bluff

May 16:  Battle of Drewry’s Bluff

May 17-19:  Skirmishes near Bermuda Hundred

May 20:  Attack on Union line at Bermuda Hundred

May 31 – June 1:  Engaged in Battle of Cold Harbor

June 15:  Returns to Petersburg

June 16-18:  Battle of Petersburg; mans Petersburg trenches afterward

August 19:  Skirmishes near Globe Tavern; Gen. Clingman wounded, Col. McKethan assumes brigade command; Lt. Colonel Caleb Hobson takes command of regiment

August 21-September 29:  In the Petersburg trenches

September 30:  Assault on Fort Harrison; Lt. Colonel Hobson is killed; Captain James Lippitt takes command of regiment

October 1 – December 21:  In Richmond defenses

December 22:  Departs for Wilmington by rail

December 28:  Arrives in Wilmington; goes into camp


January 12:  Mans Sugar Loaf line near Fort Fisher

February 19:  Withdraws to Wilmington

February 20-21:  Skirmishes at Forks Road

February 22-23:  Moves to Rockfish; Union troops capture Wilmington

March 7-9:  Battle of Southwest Creek

March 17:  Moves to Smithfield

March 19-20:  Battle of Bentonville

March 22:  Returns to Smithfield

April 10-16:  Marches to Raleigh, then Durham, then Chapel Hill, and stops near Greensboro

April 26:  Marches to Bush Hill (present day Archdale)

May 1:  Surrenders while at Bush Hill

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