51st North Carolina Regiment Burial Places

Last updated on May 5, 2024.

An incidental bit of information that came out while researching the 51st North Carolina was soldiers’ burial places. This information was sometimes recorded, sometimes not. If you have any information about any of the 51st Regiment’s soldiers’ burial places, please CLICK HERE to share the information.

Adams, Joseph7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Alford, James Bryant11/6/1883Hopewell United Methodist Church, Trinity, Randolph Co., NC112
Allen, William Anderson2/23/1884Willowdale Cemetery, Goldsboro, NC112
Alphin, Daniel Joseph6/24/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA112
Ammons, Daniel James2/14/1882Ammons Cemetery, Linden, NC108
Armstrong, John12/10/1864Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave112
Ashley, Andrew Jackson8/30/1864Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, VA, sec. G, row G, grave #73112
Ashley, James Robeson9/29/1924Linney Cemetery, Dayton, TX112
Bain, Angus Graham8/15/1913McMillan Presbyterian Church, Wade, NC108
Baker, Archibald M.6/14/1907Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC112
Baker, Jesse E.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Baker, Randal J.10/8/1919McMillan Presbyterian Church, Wade, NC112
Bamburger, Jacob8/16/1920Pine Lawn Cemetery, Ft. Scott, KS112
Barker, Riley A.6/1/1862Barker Family Cemetery, Lumberton112
Barnes, Aldred A.10/4/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 640111
Barnes, Henry P.3/6/1914Ivey Cemetery, Proctorville, Robeson Co.112
Basdon, Kinion H.4/5/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 2551111
Bass, E. C.1902Unknown112
Bass, Nevill1870Unknown112
Batten, Daniel1/12/1899Batten Family Cemetery, Columbus Co.
Baxley, Miles Sled1/13/1918Great Marsh Baptist, St. Pauls112
Baxter, Milton6/9/1915Antioch Cemetery, Robeson Co.110
Beasley, George C.10/26/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Bell, Felix2/7/1915Maplewood Cemetery, Mt. Olive, NC112
Bell, Owen6/13/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Bell, Richard Robert11/7/1930Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville112
Bell, Walter Raleigh5/18/1885Pinecrest Cemetery, Warsaw, NC112
Benton, Simeon T.6/17/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Bessent, James H.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Blanchard, David Jones6/4/1904New Hope Cemetery, Turkey, NC108
Blanchard, Henry3/28/1894Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville112
Blanks, James W.1/27/1912Ten Mile Center Baptist Church, Lumberton108
Blanton, Enoch7/18/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #22899
Blanton, John W.7/13/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Blanton, Joseph J.1/18/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 1524111
Bolton, Henry Harrison6/6/1921H. H. Bolton Family Cemetery, Eastover, NC112
Bolton, John R.5/1/1865Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Bolton, Peter Lee2/4/1910Lebanon Baptist Church, Eastover, NC108
Boone, John Alston Davis11/23/1909Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville98
Boone, Sampson11/24/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 913111
Boswell, Amos9/17/1863CSA Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, SC139
Boykin, Solomon12/18/1862Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro (mass grave)99
Bradshaw, Daniel J.10/26/1864Confederate Hill, plot B-49108
Bradshaw, Moses L.12/15/1918Keener United Methodist, Clinton, NC112
Branch, Alcey7/28/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #24252
Brewer, William2/1/1913Ivey Cemetery, Fairmont, NC108
Brinson, John5/1/1918Brown Cemetery, Chinquapin, NC231
Britt, Archibald9/26/1912Britt Cemetery, Orrum, NC112
Britt, Calvin C.5/14/1864Lumberton City Cemetery99
Britt, Caswell12/30/1907Britt Cemetery, Lumberton, NC108
Britt, Labon8/29/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #28052
Brock, David W.5/31/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Brogden, William L.6/16/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Bronson, Charles Hotchkiss8/30/1913Lisbon Cemetery, Garland, Sampson Co.112
Bronson, Julian J.5/30/1892Lisbon Cemetery, Garland, Sampson Co.112
Bronson, Julius J.8/5/1862Lisbon Cemetery, Garland, Sampson Co.112
Brothers, John R.9/24/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Brown, Council L.6/16/1862Shipman-Baldwin Cemetery, Whiteville, NC (no marker)112
Brown, James Arthur11/29/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 999111
Brown, Owen Tyler10/13/1924Greenwood Cemetery, Dunn, NC108
Brown, Peter B.1/2/1911St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, St. Pauls, NC108
Brinkley, James B.3/12/1918Bellevue Cemetery, Wilmington112
Bryan, Levi10/4/1911Bellevue Cemetery, Wilmington112
Bryant, Nicholas F.1912Bryant Cemetery Sampson Co.112
Bryant, Travis S.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Buie, Daniel McDuffie5/3/1907Buie Family Cemetery, Fayetteville112
Buie, John Rebecca8/28/1925Buie Family Cemetery, Fayetteville108
Buie, Malcolm James, Jr.2/3/1901Buie Family Cemetery, Fayetteville108
Buie, Malcolm James, Sr.11/24/1879Buie Family Cemetery, Fayetteville114
Bullock, Colon Eli3/26/1900Bullock Cemetery, Fairmont108
Bullock, Davis H.1/24/1930Henry Flowers Cemetery, Lumberton112
Bullock, John Walter3/13/1906Ashpole Presbyterian Church, Rowland, NC108
Bullock, Meredith4/27/1904Bullock Cemetery, Fairmont108
Burney, Daniel2/27/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 2160111
Burney, William James4/3/1865Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte, NC112
Butler, Isham Rowland6/4/1905Butler Cemetery, Gaddysville, NC108
Byrd, Elijah6/6/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Caison, William B.5/27/1912Caison Family Cemetery, Sampson Co.112
Campbell, John E.UnreportedMt. Zion Baptist, Columbus Co., plot # 8132
Canady, Derias Clinton7/3/1940Daniel Russel Gore Cemetery, Pireway, NC24
Cantwell, John Lucas Paul12/21/1909Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington112
Carlisle, Dennis L.9/29/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 400111
Carlton, Henry James5/26/1899Pinecrest Cemetery, Warsaw, NC112
Carroll, John W.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Carroll, William S.8/8/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Carter, Zachariah, Reverend9/5/1888Rice Family Cemetery, Lumberton99
Carver, Charles12/17/1862Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro (mass grave)99
Carver, George W.7/29/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Chestnutt, Grantlin Franklin5/5/1925Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia, NC108
Chinnis, Samuel Robert8/20/1891Bennfield-Chinnis Cemetery, Brunswick Co.112
Cobb, Stephen J.5/6/1914Parkton Cemetery, NC215
Collier, Hansom Burdin1909Western Prong Baptist Cemetery, Whiteville112
Conley, John Archie1905Antioch Presbyterian Church, Hoke Co., NC108
Connelly, Francis HamiltonUnreportedDunbarton Presbyterian Church, Dillon, SC108
Council, James4/14/1909St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, St. Pauls, NC108
Cowles, Charles L.10/1/1901Bellevue Cemetery, Wilmington, Section N, plot 11112
Craig, Charles M.7/21/1881Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, section J, lot 34112
Creech, John Calvin12/11/1909Creech Cemetery, Whitehall, Columbus Co.32
Croom, Judson W.3/5/1924Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia, NC108
Crossland, Sabastian T.3/14/1908Oakwood Cemetery, Waco, TX (unknown plot)112
Currie, Daniel Johnson10/12/1872Antioch Presbyterian Church, Hoke Co., NC108
Dail, Julius V.12/1/1920Sloan Cemetery (N. B.), Duplin Co., NC112
Dail, Lemuel L.7/22/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Davis, Ervin Q.2/1/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 1757111
Davis, Hanson3/18/1888Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville108
Davis, John D.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Deaver, Nathan H.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Dickson, Major Everitt6/19/1887Major Dixon Cemetery, Benson, NC112
DuBose, Jacob W.11/14/1864Hilton Head
Dudley, Eli, Jr.2/11/1900Antioch Cemetery, Lowndes Co., GA112
Edge, Simeon B.9/27/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #31952
Ellis, Alexander5/24/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Ellis, William D. B. (DeBerry)12/22/1864Ellis Cemetery, Ft. Bragg, NC112
Ennis, James F.5/18/1928Rockfish Presbyterian Church, Wallace, NC112
Evans, Anchram H.8/11/1911Zion United Methodist Cemetery, Leland, NC112
Evans, Jacob A.9/28/1884Zion United Methodist Cemetery, Leland, NC112
Evans, James A.1/31/1916Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville99
Ezzell, Chestnutt J.6/5/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Ezzell, Curtis Hooks11/18/1911Battle Park Cemetery, Rocky Mount, NC108
Ezzell, Joseph Cullen5/17/1915Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro108
Ezzell, Lewis Thomas8/19/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #25852
Ezzell, Zachariah10/23/1911Rose Hill Cemetery108
Fann, Richard Hilliard12/4/1922Piney Green Baptist Church, Salemburg, NC112
Fann, Wiley6/23/1864Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, VA112
Faulk, Daniel Ashbury12/9/1877Jesse Lee Cemetery, Fairmont, NC108
Faulk, James Collins10/10/1887Centenary Memorial UMC Cemetery, Rowland, NC108
Fields, James K.5/28/1898Fields Cemetery, Evergreen, NC112
Fiaher, J. G.9/25/1916Great Marsh Baptist Church, St. Pauls, NC112
Floyd, Charles Johnson5/14/1864Fairmont Memorial Cemetery (unmarked)99
Floyd, Faulk Johnson11/27/1911Meadowbrook Cemetery, Lumberton, NC112
Floyd, Francis Fulton2/13/1897Inman Cemetery, Robeson Co.99
Floyd, William Pinkney5/1/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Formyduval, Coval Lane12/4/1916FormyDuval Cemetery, Old Dock99
Frink, William Pinkney12/17/1862Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro (mass grave)99
Fulgum, Robert L.UnreportedLewis Family Cemetery, Indian Springs, NC112
Fulmore, Andrew C.11/11/1893Columbia Cemetery, Houston County, AL112
Galbreath, Malcolm9/2/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 70111
Geddie, Hugh McDuffie12/26/1906Hugh McDuffie Geddie Cemetery, Cumberland Co., NC112
Geddie, Joseph Carson9/23/1911Salem United Methodist Church, Eastover, NC108
George, Forney Kelly9/30/1864Whiteville Memorial Cemetery40
Giddens, Henry Clay10/11/1922Hudson Homestead, Goldsboro, NC108
Giddens, John William8/15/1896Troublefield Family, Cemetery, Newton Grove, NC112
Goodson, Charles P.12/21/1907Goodson Cemetery, Kearney, NC112
Gowan, Benjamin A.3/22/1865Finn’s Point, sec. CM, site 82916
Graham, Daniel7/24/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 2848111
Graham, Duncan J.5/31/1918Sunnyside Cemetery, Cordele, GA112
Green, Henry H.6/2/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Gregory, Matthew1/3/1920Old Gregory Cemetery, Robeson Co.112
Guy, Alexander10/11/1864Ft. Monroe, plot E-63111
Guy, Amos Jessup6/10/1918Cape Fear Baptist Church, Fayetteville73
Guy, Charles Thomas5/14/1907Greenwood Cemetery, Dunn, NC73
Guy, Samuel James11/8/1906Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, Fayetteville112
Haddock, Daniel Andrew10/29/1903White Plains Presby. Church, Council, NC112
Hair, Robert M.4/26/1925Ground Springs Cemetery, Harnett County, NC112
Hall, Edward James3/28/1867Hall-Armstrong Cemetery, Hallsville, Duplin County, NC112
Hall, Haynes Lennon7/16/1910Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville108
Hall, James Morris11/30/1888Butler Cemetery, Autryville, Sampson Co.112
Hall, Jeremiah Pearsall4/10/1862Hall-Armstrong Cemetery, Hallsville, Duplin Co.112
Hall, John Green2/2/1922Woodlawn Park, Wiggins, MS112
Hammonds, Dougald1/13/1865Custer Nat’l Cemetery, plot A285156
Hardison, James J.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Harrell, John W. U.11/3/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Harrington, Charles Turner7/28/1897Harrington Cemetery, Marietta, NC108
Hartman, Jacob W.8/24/1890Lumberton City Cemetery108
Hartman, John Edmond10/9/1870Lumberton City Cemetery112
Hatcher, Henry C.8/15/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #26252
Hawley, Edward6/9/1901Mt. Elam Baptist Church, Sampson Co., NC112
Hawley, Jonathan5/12/1921Spring Branch Baptist Church, Sampson Co., NC (marker only)112
Hawley, Samson5/31/1864Buried in the field at Cold Harbor109
Hawley, Thomas James1905Lee’s Chapel Cemetery, Plainview, NC112
Haynes, Warren WentworthUnreportedWhiteville Memorial Cemetery
Hemmingway, Isaac William2/28/1880Sardis Presbyterian Church, Linden, NC (unmarked)112
Henderson, Jepsey7/18/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #23552
Herring, Isaac William2/10/1917Burgaw Cemetery, Burgaw, NC112
Herring, Oliver10/31/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 622111
Higley, Gilbert Plenny, Sr.7/5/1896Lumberton City Cemetery99
Hill, Armalin B.1913Hill Cemetery, Brunswick, NC112
Hinson, Robert R.3/2/1901Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Wayne Co., NC112
Hobson, Caleb Bond9/30/1864Unknown (battlefield burial)140
Holland, William Hall1/22/1893Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville112
Huggins, William Jackson11/3/1902Western Prong Baptist Cemetery, Whiteville112
Humphrey, John3/5/1865Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Humphrey, Lewis2/13/1908Humphrey Cemetery, Lumberton110
Humphrey, Matthew2/19/1897Davis Cemetery, Lumberton110
Ikener, Ward11/18/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 970111
Israel, John9/6/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 242111
Jackson, Almon T.5/16/1923Salemburg Baptist Church, Salemburg, NC108
Jackson, Bryant B.8/11/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #25452
Jackson, John W.1/25/1863Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg, VA (Row 1, Lot 187)112
Jackson, Monk L.12/21/1921Big Horse Creek Cemetery, Jenkins Co., GA (unknown plot)112
Jackson, Ransom12/19/1863Greenwood Cemetery, Dunn, NC112
Jackson, Young S.7/28/1918Jackson Cemetery, Dunn, NC110
James, Joseph T.2/26/1912Pott’s Cemetery, Fayetteville110
James, Kenneth2/8/1865Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro (mass grave)99
James, Robinson C.11/21/1907Springvale Cemetery, Clinton, NC150
Jernigan, Delancy Allen10/6/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 596111
Jessup, William S.2/3/1915Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville108
Johnson, David Clark6/1/1915Wells Chapel Baptist Church, Harrells, Sampson Co.112
Johnson, George A.7/28/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Jones, Bryant5/15/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Jones, Hayes4/6/1912Lemon Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Sanford, NC108
Jones, William10/28/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 717111
Kelly, John R.3/26/1864Western Prong Baptist Cemetery, Whiteville112
Kerr, Milton2/13/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 2036111
Kerr, William D.3/17/1865Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Ketchum, David W.4/18/1893Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, NC112
Ketchum, James F.3/19/1865Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Kinlaw, Pinkney G.3/11/1909Cross Creek #2, Fayetteville, NC112
Lanier, David8/29/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 58111
Latta, Adam G.12/21/1915Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, section H, lot 52112
Latta, John Robert6/30/1898Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, section M, lot 28112
Lee, David L.9/20/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 345111
Lee, Erasmus E.2/6/1898Greenwood Cemetery, Dunn, NC108
Lee, Sir William7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Lee, William Osburn9/28/1902Meadowbrook Cemetery, Lumberton, NC108
Leggett, George W.3/20/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #18099
Lennon, Ezra9/10/1863Singletery Cemetery, Butters, Bladen Co.112
Lippitt, James Wright1/12/1879Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, NC, section E, lot 3/4112
Lippitt, Thomas B.12/21/1898Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, NC, section E, lot 3112
Little, Gilbert G.10/3/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Little, Nathan12/17/1862Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro (mass grave)99
Little, Robert F.6/12/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Lock, Stephen8/21/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #23399
Malloy, John Douglas5/20/1911Lumber Bridge Presbyterian Church, Lumber Bridge, NC99
Malpass, Hanson5/15/1919Malpass Family Cemetery, Pender Co.112
Malpass, Owen M.9/29/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 431111
Martin, Robert H.8/25/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 42111
Mathis, Benjamin David1/12/1918Battle Park, Rocky Mt., NC63
Mathis, Peyton P.10/3/1921Bizzel-Johnson Family Cemetery, Rose Hill, NC112
Maultsby, Neil Alexander7/17/1864Smith-Pierce Cemetery, Hallsboro, NC, plot #2332
Maultsby, Samuel White, Sr.7/17/1906Zion United Methodist Cemetery, Leland, NC
McAllister, John W.1917Lynn Haven Cemetery, Bay County, FL25
McCallum, Henry Harrison8/6/1907Oak Grove Cemetery, Maxton, NC108
McCormick, Philip B.12/9/1872Chadbourn Cemetery, Chadbourn, NC112
McCormick, William10/9/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
McCorquedale, Joel3/28/1931Antioch Baptist Church, Falcon, Cumberland Co.112
McCorquedale, Malcolm7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
McDonald, Franklin M.10/28/1864Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave112
McDonald, George Patrick1894McLean Cemetery, Maxton, NC108
McDonald, James R.7/10/1905Elmwood Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC
McDougald, Malcolm Alexander10/13/1909Hillside Cemetery, Laurinburg, NC112
McEachern, Hector6/16/1897McEachern Cemetery, Robeson Co.112
McGeachy, Alexander Currie5/29/1904Glenwood Cemetery, Chipley, FL108
McGeachy, John David9/15/1899St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, St. Pauls, NC108
McGee, James William, Dr.12/6/1909Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC112
McGougan, Hugh10/17/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
McIntyre, Dugald5/15/1904Graham Family Cemetery, Black River, Cumberland Co.112
McKenzie, Alexander11/10/1912Lebanon Cemetery, Robeson Co.112
McKethan, Augustus A., Jr.1/17/1915Cross Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC99
McKethan, Edwin Turner6/10/1888Cross Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC99
McKethan, Hector McAllester11/6/1881Cross Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC99
McLean, Alexander1/31/1925Ashpole Presbyterian Church, Rowland, NC108
McLean, Angus Lauchlin12/13/1894Davis-McLean Cemetery, Gray’s Creek, NC112
McLean, Archibald S.5/18/1863Mt.Moriah Baptist Church, Maxton, NC112
McLean, Daniel6/7/1926Ashpole Presbyterian Church, Rowland, NC108
McLean, Eli10/13/1925Ten Mile Baptist Church, Lumberton112
McLean, Hector R.4/18/1911McLean Cemetery, Maxton, NC108
McLean, John A.1/1/1902McLean Cemetery, Maxton, NC108
McLean, Martin8/29/1905McLean Cemetery, Maxton, NC108
McLean, Weston G.3/12/1865Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
McLellan, Daniel Bethea10/29/1868Locke-McDuffie Cemetery, Dillon County, SC112
McLellan, Daniel G.3/12/1912McLellan Family Cemetery, Falcon, NC112
McLellan, William Bethea9/10/1872Locke-McDuffie Cemetery, Dillon County, SC112
McMillan, Daniel Alexander6/16/1925McMillan Presbyterian Church, Wade, NC108
McMillan, Daniel J.10/21/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 874111
McNeill, Emory D.12/9/1926New Hollywood Cemetery, Lumberton, NC112
McPaul, Timothy Dwight, Dr.1/4/1891Ashley Cemetery, Fairmont, NC112
McRae, Malcolm Lafayette4/4/1925McLean Cemetery, Maxton, NC108
McRae, Malcolm William3/27/1912McLean Cemetery, Maxton, NC99
McRae, Peter P.7/11/1902McLean Cemetery, Maxton, NC108
McRimmon, Murdock6/5/1911Carolina Presbyterian Church, Dillon, SC112
McRimmon, Neill8/13/1863Carolina Presbyterian Church, Dillon, SC99
Mercer, Saul Mc.7/27/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 149111
Mercer, William3/8/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #17599
Merritt, Isaac8/2/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Merritt, KenanUnreportedPinecrest Cemetery, Warsaw, NC112
Merritt, Lewis W.3/5/1928Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC112
Merritt, William James10/1/1940Maplewood Cemetery, Mt. Olive, NC112
Miller, Robert J.10/22/1864Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Mitchell, Hugh G.12/10/1908Mitchell Family Cemetery, Fairmont, NC108
Monroe, Duncan7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Monroe, Thomas12/18/1900Longstreet Presbyterian Church, Ft. Bragg, NC22
Moody, Richard8/14/1930Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, Robeson Co.112
Moore, Green W.7/23/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Morgan, Kenneth Thomas4/15/1898Ford Cemetery, Marietta, NC108
Morrisey, Samuel Bunting7/26/1883Springvale Cemetery, Clinton, NC112
Murphy, William Faison9/23/1873Springvale Cemetery, Clinton, NC108
Murray, Samuel12/27/1864Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Musselwhite, Archibald9/30/1920Holt-Morgan Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC112
Musselwhite, John R.5/25/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Nealy, John A.1/16/1919New Hope Baptist Church, Whiteville, NC112
Nobles, Emanuel9/3/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Nobles, James Irvin5/31/1864China Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Chadbourn, NC112
Nobles, John Crawford7/13/1904Nobles Family Cemetery, Chadbourn, NC112
Norment, William StokesDec, 1904Meadowbrook Cemetery, Lumberton, NC112
Norris, Elcaney5/16/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA112
Norris, William Jackson12/12/1912Ward’s Station Cemetery, Chadbourn, NC112
Nunnery, Henry6/20/1916Hall Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC108
Nunnery, William7/15/1864Marker at Starling Cemetery, Cumberland Co., NC112
Odom, Calvin10/16/1886Creech Cemetery, Whitehall, Columbus Co., plot #52112
Odum, Jeremiah4/24/1902Bullock Odum Cemetery, Robeson Co.112
Palmer, William Morgan1892Hightower Baptist Church, Dahlonega, GA112
Parker, Larkin Newby4/13/1897Beulah Baptist Church, Clinton, NC112
Patterson, Malloy11/9/1902Gilbert Patterson Family Cemetery, Scotland Co., NC112
Penny, William J.1/22/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 1605111
Peterson, John2/14/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 2034111
Phillips, Jarmon E.9/5/1917Phillips Family Cemetery, Sampson Co., NC112
Pitman, James Pinckney7/24/1896Fairmont Memorial Cemetery112
Pope, Michael Simon5/23/1925Pope Family Cemetery, Burgaw, NC112
Pope, Willis Henry5/16/1864Lumberton City Cemetery99
Porter, Caswell1/5/1901Porters Cemetery, Columbus Co.112
Powell, William6/30/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Powers, Henry T.10/29/1913Powers Family Cemetery, Howellsville, NC112
Powers, Thomas J.3/30/1922Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville, NC112
Prevatt, Andrew Jackson8/5/1864Prevatte Cemetery, Lumberton112
Prevatt, James P.6/30/1910Prevatt-Spivey Cemetery, Fairmont, NC112
Prevatt, Jordan7/18/1920Prevatt Cemetery, Lumberton112
Prevatt, Michael5/18/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA112
Prevatt, William W.3/11/1908Prevatte Cemetery, Lumberton112
Prevatt, Willis Pope8/27-29/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #272112
Prince, Daniel Franklin6/7/1918Cane Branch Baptist Church, Horry Co., SC112
Prince, Solomon William2/14/1892Norris Cemetery, Columbus Co., NC112
Rackley, Joseph Roberson1/2/1921Garriss Cemetery, Watha, Pender Co., NC112
Rackley, William Edward9/4/1906New Hope Cemetery, Turkey, NC112
Rasbury, William Warrenafter 1870McPherson Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, NC108
Register, Samuel R.7/6/1864Evergreen UMC, Evergreen, NC215
Rivenbark, Daniel James3/12/1914Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro112
Robbins, James A.7/2/1864Kittrell Confederate Cemetery99
Robinson, William E.12/31/1862Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro (mass grave)99
Rockwell, Henry Clay2/24/1874Whiteville Memorial Cemetery106
Rodgers, William S.4/1/1865Custer Nat’l Cemetery, plot A263156
Rogers, David F.3/24/1865Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Rogers, Joseph8/22/1910Rogers Home Family Cemetery, Roseboro, NC112
Rozier, Evander C.11/23/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 922111
Rozier, Robert Adams12/24/1897Meadowbrook Cemetery, Lumberton, NC112
Russell, Stephen Edward9/12/1909Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Fayetteville, NC112
Ryals, Lewit W.5/4/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Sandlin, Hiram Leary9/12/1904Sandlin Cemetery, Beulaville, NC112
Sasser, Matthew G.1895Palmyra Baptist Church, Whiteville, NC112
Sasser, William Calvin1912Ward Cemetery, Honey Hill, Columbus County, NC112
Scott, William H.1/23/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 1600111
Scriven, Thomas James2/10/1913Scrivens Family Cemetery, Tarheel, NC112
Sellers, William W.4/14/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #19152
Shaw, Archibald James3/24/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 2449111
Shaw, Colin, Reverend7/8/1905Bannerman Cemetery, Sampson Co., NC112
Shaw, Daniel5/6/1895Shaw Cemetery, Evergreen, NC112
Shaw, John A.10/14/1864Confederate Hill, Baltimore, plot #B-937
Simmons, Malcolm L.9/26/1916Tabor United Methodist Church, Fayetteville, NC112
Sloan, George12/29/1888Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington108
Smith, Albert O.1/8/1863Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro (mass grave)99
Smith, Amos J.11/8/1912Concord Church Cemetery, Magnolia, NC110
Smith, Bracey9/20/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 194111
Smith, James A.12/21/1862Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro (mass grave)99
Smith, John O.11/13/1886Smith Cemetery, Columbus Co.110
Smith, Peter McLemore6/26/1908Peter McLemore Smith Cemetery, Cumberland Co., NC112
Smith, Thomas J.5/15/1863Shiloh Memorial Cemetery, Bolton, NC203
Snipes, Nelson5/28/1864Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Southerland, Hugh8/7/1919Shady Grove United Methodist Church, Connelly Springs, NC112
Southerland, Thomas Jefferson3/9/1888Brock Cemetery, Rose Hill, NC112
Southerland, William J.1/2/1908Carr Cemetery, Duplin Co., NC112
Sparkman, William P.10/13/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 701111
Spivey, Aiken8/24/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #23999
Spivey, John Q.4/9/1908Prevatt-Spivey Cemetery, Fairmont, NC112
Stanford, Samuel McGee7/17/1902Alabama112
Stone, Andrew JacksonUnreportedHope Mills Cemetery, Hope Mills, NC108
Stone, John Parker4/26/1865Meila Kinne Tew Cemetery, Sampson, Co.112
Strickland, Matthew L.4/23/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Strickland, Thomas J.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Sullivan, Adam10/18/1864Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Sullivan, Elias12/10/1913Sullivan Cemetery, Fred Everett Road, Lenoir County112
Sullivan, Lemuel Luther2/1/1920Sullivan Cemetery, SR 1522, Duplin County112
Summerlin, John Daniel6/23/1912Summerlin Cemetery, Red Hill, Duplin Co., NC112
Summerlin, Thomas9/10/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Taylor, Benjamin4/1/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Taylor, David D.3/10/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 2004111
Taylor, James H., Sr.2/3/1925Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington112
Taylor, Willis5/17/1902Lumberton City Cemetery112
Teachey, William8/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 23111
Tew, Alexander11/2/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 845111
Tew, Jackson10/22/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, CSA section, plot 722111
Tew, James Martin12/2/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, Elmira, NY plot 891111
Tew, John Robert2/17/1918Old Bluff Presbyterian Church, Godwin, NC108
Tew, Lemick James10/15/1909Blacks Chapel United Methodist Church, Cumberland Co.112
Tew, Lewis M.1/18/1915Starling Cemetery, Spivey’s Corner, NC112
Tew, Loudin Blue5/6/1922Greenwood Cemetery, Dunn, NC112
Tew, Martin B.1/9/1915Old Weeks Family Cemetery, Sampson Co., NC112
Thompson, John S.5/8/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Thompson, Samuel Sebastian Bartholomew1/1/1898McLean Cemetery, Maxton, NC110
Thompson, William Murray4/20/1896Smith’s Crossing Cemetery, Hallsbor, NC112
Toon, Luther8/4/1862Western Prong Baptist Cemetery, Whiteville112
Townsend, Charles F.4/25/1922Ten Mile Baptist Church, Lumberton, NC108
Townsend, Jackson1/10/1892Asbury Memorial Church, Raynham, NC112
Treadwell, John R.3/12/1903Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC112
Turner, David W.1/12/1865Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, Elmira, NY plot 1480111
Tyner, William7/18/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, Elmira, NY plot 2853111
Underwood, Joseph Boykin1/6/1907Cross Creek #2 Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC112
Vann, Chester Rockwell10/29/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, Elmira, NY plot 729111
Vann, John Robert6/18/1884Red Hill Universalist Church, Taylors Bridge, NC112
Vause, Amos R.7/11/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA126
Vause, Jacob  McDuffie8/1/1924Batten Cemetery, Columbus Co., NC112
Wade, Aretos Ivey10/7/1916Hal Brown Cemetery, Chinquapin, NC112
Wade, Duncan B.9/10/1862Old Bluff Presbyterian Church, Godwin, NC108
Wade, John Louis3/30/1865Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC112
Walker, George Fennel4/4/1906Burgaw Cemetery, Burgaw, NC112
Walter, Alfred Bethea8/3/1913Cedardale Cemetery, Mullins, SC112
Walters, Thomas F.3/5/1913Walters Family Cemetery, Orrum, NC112
Ward, Absalom1917Ward’s Station Cemetery, Chadbourn, NC32
Ward, John David3/19/1925Adamsville Cemetery, Adamsville, FL112
Ward, Samuel Washington12/8/1926Sellers Cemetery, Columbus Co., plot #12 112
Warren, James Calvin6/13/1910Spring Baptist Church, Sampson Co.69
Waters, Matthew J.11/5/1919Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro112
Watson, Samuel D.7/15/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, mass grave129
Webb, John E.4/9/1863Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, plot #18852
Whitfield, Benjamin H.5/24/1887Whitfield Cemetery, Herrings Crossroads, Duplin Co., NC112
Whitfield, George W.5/24/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Wilcox, Reddin11/28/1864Woodlawn Nat’l Cemetery, Elmira, NY plot 989111
Wilkinson, Malcolm W.5/13/1902Pleasant Grove Baptist, Dillon, SC52
Williams, Henry5/20/1864McMillan Presbyterian Church, Wade, NC108
Williams, James Daniel9/30/1864Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA112
Williams, John Henry9/7/1919Old Spring Hill Cemetery, Robeson Co.110
Williams, John Quince7/13/1902Sellers Cemetery, Chadbourn, NC 112
Williams, Rowland Frank12/10/1922Geiger Cemetery, Zephyrilis, FL112
Williford, Jason Tounley2/11/1865Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery, mass grave111
Williford, Richard W.9/29/1910Grantham Dunn Cemetery, Johnston County, NC112
Williford, Sir William2/8/1913Lee’s Chapel Cemetery, Plainview, NC112
Willis, John Wesley, Sr.12/31/1902Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Maxton, NC112
Wilson, William W.3/3/1922Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia, NC231
Wilton, William R.5/1/1864Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg VA128
Woodcock, William L.2/8/1904Alderman Family Cemetery, Atkinson, NC110
Woodell, Andrew Jackson11/29/1906Cross Creek #2 Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC108
Yopp, Franklin V. B.12/29/1892Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington112

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