What’s New? (Change Log)

5/28/2023: Posted a transcript of Private Alman Jacson’s recollections of his time with the 51st North Carolina.

5/21/2023: Scan of receipt for Enfield rifles signed by Colonel Cantwell.

5/15/2023: Posted two dispatches sent by Colonel McKethan at Charleston in July 1863.

5/7/2023: Posted the third and final part of the series about the feud between Hector McKethan and William Allen

4/29/2023: Posted Part 2 of the three-part series about the feuding between Major McKethan and Lt. Co. Allen

4/24/2023: Began a three-part series on the feud between William Alle and Hector McKethan.

4/16/2023: Post about the service of Private Lewis Smith, who enlisted, received a conditional discharge, then enlisted again.

4/9/2023: Find of the Week: photo of a petition signed by the officers of the Fifty-First, requesting Reverend Colin Shaw as the regiment’s chaplain.

4/2/2023: Posted a scanned image of Private William Adams’ pay voucher. This is the first in a series of the Find-of-the-Week articles. A new item will be posted every week while I sort through the mountain of new information I now have access to.

3/21/2023: Updated service records for William Batten, Archibald Baxley, Samuel Chinnis, John Hall, Marsden King, Samuel Stanford, David Summerlin, John Summerlin, Levi Summerlin, and Alfred Walter.

3/15/2023: Updated the Evans’ letters post and the regiment’s Chronology page.

Based on a casualty list in the Wilmington Journal of June 16, 1864, updated service records for John Brooks, Isham Cribb, James Fields, Coval FormyDuval, John Ganus, William Huggins, Delancy Jernigan, David J. Jones, James Meares, Saunders Millican, William Penny, William J. Penny, Daniel Pierce, Daniel Prince, James Shepherd, John Sibbett, and Wiley Taylor.

2/5/2023: Added post summarizing information contained in the Anchram and Elizabeth Evans letters. Updated service records for Anchram, Jacob and John Evans. Click HERE to read the post.

1/5/2023: published article containing summaries of letters written by Private John J. Wilson, Company B. Click HERE to read the post.