“It Would Revive Him Up” (Hall Letters #3)

Private John G. Hall, Company G, 51st Regiment North Carolina Troops, was wounded at Petersburg on July 17, 1864. He was hospitalized in Richmond with a severe gunshot wound in the right shoulder. Captain Henry C. Rockwell, brigade Assistant Quartermaster, sent the following letter to Private Hall’s father.

Petersburg Va July 26th 1864

Mr. W. P. Hall

Dear Sir

          I have written several letters to you about your son. He is a good young man and looks to me to help him all I can. I saw him this evening, he is improving but quite low spirited. He is anxious to see his Sister or some one from Home. He thinks if he had some person to go with him, he could get Home. If some of his relatives or friends could come to see him it would revive him up. He says he gets but very few letters from home. If some one cannot come to see him, write immediately. A letter from home revives a well soldier, much more one who is sick or wounded and does not see any person he knows for perhaps days or weeks. Write to my care & I will see that he gets it.

Very Respectfully Yours

H. C. Rockwell

A.Q.M. Clingmans Brigade, Hokes Division

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